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RJ's Wish to Cook with Chef Bobby Flay

The exciting day started with a white limo full of balloons picking up RJ and his family at their hotel and taking them to a home in New Jersey where the show was to be filmed. They were greeted by the production contact, Emily who made the family feel right at home. She showed them the backyard and explained the set up before bring them to the room with the Executive Producer.

Bobby was filming and they were able to watch him on the large TV in the room. RJ and his family spoke with the Executive Producer and learned about filming and how they choose locations for the show. While they were talking, Bobby Flay came in to introduce himself and meet RJ quickly before the filming started again. RJ was so surprised to see him in the back room and was a little shy at first! Bobby told him that he was very excited to grill with him later. Once the filming was over, it was time for RJ's grilling session with Bobby outside!

Bobby took RJ under his wing and they began to make a delicious lunch. Bobby planned a menu just for RJ and his family - grilled steak with Cajun seasoning and grilled potato salad with arugula and goat cheese! Bobby made a separate potato salad just for RJ when he found out he hates goat cheese! They started cooking together and talking the whole time! Bobby even gave RJ some knife skill tips! Once the meal was ready, everyone served themselves and ate by the pool in the backyard. Bobby came over and sat with the family and chatted about his new restaurant in New York City, Gato.  RJ and his family really enjoyed talking to Bobby and found him very down to earth and open to answering their questions. About halfway through the meal, the production team brought out a cake that Bobby's pastry chef made just for RJ and his family - it was huge!  Bobby continued to hang out with the family until he had to leave to cook at his new restaurant in New York City.  RJ left the house with some BBQ goodies, leftover cake and excitement beyond his imagination!  The whole family had a wonderful time and could not stop thanking Make-A-Wish!

The “icing on the cake” was a special treat from Bobby's production team!  They were able to get the family a reservation at a restaurant in Brooklyn that is owned by RJ's other favorite chef, Justin Warner, and RJ got to meet him as well during their dinner!!   

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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