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Gavin's Wish to meet the UK Basketball Team

This was a wish come true for Gavin and his family. They are all huge basketball fans and they had the opportunity to attend the SEC Tournament in Nashville, TN to see his favorite college basketball team, the undefeated champs, University of Kentucky win the SEC conference title. If this wasn’t enough, on Saturday evening the plan was to meet with Coach Calapari from the UK basketball team and a few of the players before they headed into their team dinner. It was all meant to be very brief. Then the Big Blue Nation (BBN) took over. Coach Cal came out to meet the family and he told Gavin he was going to keep him in his prayers and put him on the prayer list. Then Coach Cal went in to get a few players.  When Coach walked away, Gavin looked up, smiled, and pointed to the room where the coach disappeared. I laughed and asked if he wanted to go with coach and his smile got even larger. That kid knew what he wanted! 

When Coach Cal came back, it was with the whole team and they huddled around Gavin and his family.  Coach asked Gavin who his favorite player was and Gavin pointed to Willie. All of the players laughed and coach asked everyone to bow their heads and pray. During the prayer, Coach said the millions of people in the BBN would all be praying for Gavin. 

The family was then invited to dinner with all the players. The entire team signed a ball for Gavin—coach said it is the ONLY ball with all of the 2014-2015 players on it. Gavin and his family ate dinner with the team, heard Coach’s talk, and watched game film.  Gavin enjoyed ice cream. Then he got a bit tired and mom took him into the hallway. After the team finished tape, we joined Gavin in the hallway and each and every player gave Gavin a handshake or fist bump, and a kind word. 

Everyone showed Gavin kindness and love. It was a "three pointer" after all and the team truly made Gavin’s wish come true.  

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