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Jaeden's Wish for a Custom BMX Bike

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“ In the midst of all the chaos and depression, this experience left him grinning ear to ear. ”

Every child develops a hobby they become passionate about in life. For as long as Jaeden can remember, his hobby has always been BMX bikes. Since Jaeden was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a progressive genetic lung disease, he doesn’t always feel well enough to race his bike so he spends his time watching the racers on TV and perfecting his skill.  All he could think about was how he wanted to design his own BMX bike, a brand new bike so he could be just like the racers he watches on TV. Despite being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, Jaeden still has the determination to fulfill his passion of racing BMX bikes.

When presented with the opportunity to have a wish, it was no surprise that Jaeden wished to design his own BMX bike.  He began to create a “wish list” of bike parts and colors that would make up his perfect bike. He was motivated and excited to ensure that he designed a customized bike that would outshine any other BMX bike on the track. After a lot of designing and planning, his wish day was finally here, and Jaeden was ready to have the best day of his life.

The wish began with the help of two amazing Wish Granters who helped organize a luxury limousine to take Jaeden and his family to Power Cycles BMX, a local bike store.  Little did Jaeden know he was about to embark on the shopping spree of his dreams.

“We had a great time listening to music and just enjoying the limo ride” expressed Jaeden’s mom. When Jaeden arrived to Power Cycles BMX he was greeted by owner, Will, and treated like a celebrity as he walked through the door.  Power Cycles BMX opened early so Jaeden could have the entire morning to shop and design his bike. By mid-morning the order was placed for every item on Jaeden’s wish list and Jaeden was confident his new bike would exceed any other BMX Bike!  “The only hard part was waiting for his new bike to arrive” recalls his mother.

Once they were done shopping, Jaeden and his family finished off their day with some NY style pizza at Tomasino’s Pizza. Jaeden and his brother received VIP lunch treatment as they were given personalized aprons signed by the owner and brought back into the kitchen where they got to make their own pizzas. He enjoyed the experience so much, he is now thinking about becoming a pizzeria owner when he grows up!

Two weeks after shopping, all of the parts for Jaeden’s bike arrived to Power Cycles BMX.  “It was a very scary time for him at 13 years old. Stepping into the unknown. Jaeden’s Make-A-Wish was perfect timing, in the midst of all the chaos and depression, and anxiety that Jaeden was going through,” explained his mom, “this experience left him grinning ear to ear.”

Jaeden will continue to battle with Cystic Fibrosis with renewed strength derived from hope and joy the wish experience brought to him and his family. 

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