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RJ with  Bobby Flay

RJ's Wish to Cook with Chef Bobby Flay

 Trenton with a dolphin

Trenton goes to the Bahamas

  • Trenton , 5

    • Mitochondrial Disease
    • To go to the Bahamas
  • I wish to go

Lucas with puppy!

Lucas' wish to have an Englsih Bulldog Puppy

Rylee and Kasey

Rylee meets Kasey Kahne

  • Rylee , 12

    • Noonan Syndrome
    • To meet Kasey Kahne

Mason Steering Boat

Mason's wish to go on a Disney Cruise

Ben with Fish in Alaska

Ben's Wish to go Fishing in Alaska

Jeremy pitching to Jose

Jeremy wished to meet the Toronto Blue Jays

  • Jeremy , 15

    • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    • To meet Jose Bautista and The Toronto Blue Jays
  • I wish to meet

Ysa on stage of Smash

Ysa's Wish to be on set of her favorite TV show

Skyiler with Mermaid Madison

Skyiler's wish to meet the Mermaids

  • Skyiler , 9

    • Brain Tumor
    • To meet the Mermaids of Weeki Wahee
  • I wish to meet

Sophia on Sled in Maine

Sophia's wish to go see snow

Evee on carousel

Evee's wish to go to Give Kids the World

Anthony at the dig site

Anthony's Wish to be an Archaeologist

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