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Ysa's Wish to be on set of her favorite TV show

When asked what her one wish would be, Ysa knew she wanted to be on the set of her favorite show, SMASH! On her wish, Ysa had a fabulous time with her family. They were all treated like A-list stars. She was able to meet Debra Messing and others from the cast. Everyone involved with SMASH and NBC did everything they could to make Ysa and her family feel welcome and like they were part of the show. The NBC photographers took plenty of photographs, just like the paparazzi!

The best surprise for Ysa, was after starring in the show SMASH, wardrobe sent her home with her entire outfit that she wore on set. Ysa was so excited to have the dress, shoes and accessories! Ysa and her family were incredibly happy and grateful to SMASH and Make-A-Wish for this experience. Not only was she on the set of SMASH, but she was able to travel to NYC for filming. And to complete the trip, Ysa saw snow! Something she had never seen before!  This was an experience Ysa and her family will never forget, and something they can always go back and watch, their very own Ysa on the show SMASH!

We were all treated like A-list stars ”

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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